Man (or Woman) Your Battle Stations

I am not an alarmist at all really, but IT IS TIME TO GET TO WHERE YOU NEED TO GO FOR THIS NEXT PHASE OF TRANSFORMATION!  The energy of Awakening Humanity on the planet is getting stronger and moving faster.  Look around you.  I see all the signs of a major transformation about to occur.  Once you say “Yes!” to fulfilling your mission here on Earth right now, then hold on tight and fasten your seatbelt for a wild ride!  Actually the best advice I can give you is to let go and not hold on tight to anything.  We need to be light and fast on our feet.  Get into fighting shape.  For those of us committed to Awakening Humanity, we are on the bullet train of growth and transformation.  Ride this new energy and align your life with it.  You may not be able to avoid the waves, but you can learn how to surf.


What’s Up for the Collective Consciousness Now?

The energy of Awakening is getting stronger and faster.  When I say “fasten your seatbelt,”I mean like “now!” This is an extremely turbulent time if you are not going with the flow.  We as a collective consciousness are literally being forced to grow and evolve.

As a collective consciousness, we have done a tremendous amount of work in the mind/body dimensions, but very little in the relationship/environment dimensions.  Ken Wilbur’s mapping system for consciousness includes our individual experience of consciousness through the mind/body and our collective experience of consciousness through relationships and our environment.  Higher Brain Living uses this mapping system to cause forward momentum in all four of these dimensions.

Look at our culture which is a reflection of the inner work we have done with respect to relationships and environment.  Environment includes our job, our financial situation, our physical location on the planet, our community and much more.  How many couple’s are you witnessing having problems right now?  How many people do you see leaving jobs they have hated for many years?

It is time my peaceful warrior friends to clean up your relationships.  It is time to show up as your Authentic Self in ALL your relationships, not just the ones that you think can handle it.  When you do so, many people will not like this “new” you.  That is when you know you are making progress.  But, it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to ditch the relationship.  The mind says you need to make a decision about whether to keep this person in your life.  No you don’t.  You can allow the flow to either bring them in or take them out in accordance with the highest good for your growth and evolution.  As a collective we must once and for all let go of the fear of not being liked, of being shunned, of being different, of being alone, of being kicked out of the tribe…of dying.

If you show your Authentic Self or Soul or whatever inadequate term you like, others will do the same.  You will be shocked to discover that you are having actual conversations about things you never dreamed of discussing with people you never imagined having these conversations with, including your disfunctional family.  You will feel a real heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul connection. Isn’t this what we are craving?  Why is it so hard to show up as our Authentic Self with family members? Because they are the people you have chosen to grow and evolve with, and in the process, you accumulated a few triggers, resentments and limiting beliefs.

We spend so much time and energy on pleasing people that don’t really matter to us at all in the grand scheme of things and trying to get them to like us, pay attention to us, validate us, meet our needs…the list goes on and on.  But, when we focus our scattered energy, we can see that the people that matter most to us, don’t even know us because we are afraid to show them our Authentic Self.  Why? Because if they knew our Authentic Self, they wouldn’t like us.  And, we don’t know them.  Why?  Because one person has to go first.

The other work that is up for the collective is in our environment dimension.  You can’t grow and evolve if your soul is not happy.  If soul ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!  What is out of alignment for you?  There is no choice now if you want to grow and evolve but to get in alignment quickly with your environment dimension.  Within the environment dimension there is one word and its connected energy that needs to be explored, turned over, reframed, shattered, cleaned up and repeated…that word is “MONEY”.  Notice what happens in your body/mind when you even say the word.

To be able to align your life with your Authentic Self, this is the other big work that is up for the collective to tackle.  It is part of the collective consciousness that we have to work to make money and it is hard and it is not fun.  Work and Play are very different things.  Why?  Because that is the dominant limiting belief in the culture.  How do we change that?  I personally am tapping my brains out.  I recommend the Margaret Lynch book “Tapping Into Wealth” read while in a higher brain state.  I am seeing financial traumas release that I didn’t even know were in there.  We must open to allowing the Universe to have money show up in unexpected ways in our life.  As with anything, we must change our vibration.  The vibration I am going for is wealth consciousness.

Doing work on your relationships and your money situation will give you the most bang for your buck right now.  Aligning yourself with this great energy of Awakening and Transformation that is here right now on the planet is what it is all about right now.  Jettison anything that is keeping you heavy or stuck right now.  You will need to be strong and stealth to make this next quantum leap.  To infinity and beyond!

It is Lonely on the Edge

Approximately 1% of the human population is living on the edge of consciousness.  These pioneers are ready to move on to the next iteration of the human species.  It can be really lonely living on the edge.  Few people will have a clue what you are talking about most of the time.  What is that Gandhi quote?  First they laugh at you.  Then they attack you.  Then you win.  It sort of feels like a divorce to me.  In a divorce you don’t just divorce another person, but you also divorce their family and some friends.  You move on to start another life that looks and feels new.  It is similar living on the edge of consciousness only you don’t generally have to divorce your family.  It is imperative that those living on the edge find other humans also living on the edge.  There is strength and comfort in numbers.  So, this also brings up the question, did The One create many because it was lonely? To infinity and beyond!

Conversations with the Lower Brain

When I first started my journey into Higher Brain Living, I learned to distinguish the voice of my higher brain from that of my lower brain.  Remember, the lower brain is dominant in the vast majority of people and it does not want to go quietly.  The lower brain has one primary job…to keep you safe.  I discovered my lower brain has my number.  It knows how to manipulate and be very sneaky!  It uses words like “that doesn’t resonate with me” to prevent me from doing things that are actually in the best interests of my personal growth and evolution.  I learned that there can be a very fine line between the voice of my deepest knowing/intuition that is processed by the higher brain and the voice of the lower brain.

The lower brain has a limited number of strategies to prevent us from making change in our lives.  Once you learn these, that is it.  You will know the entire playbook of your lower brain. You will often hear in your head either “there is not enough time” or “I don’t have the money.” The third one that I hear in my head a lot is “that is not very convenient.”  Other common phrases from the lower brain include “this is stupid” or “this is a waste of time” and “what will other people think?” These are the go to strategies of the lower brain.  Just start observing how many times you hear these sayings in your head.  You are probably saying to yourself, “but I really don’t have the time or money.” Now let’s look at what is true.  The lower brain keeps you very busy by resisting, overwhelming, worrying, shoulding, dreading, blaming, distracting, wasting, comparing, avoiding, protecting, procrastinating, competing and confusing.  So of course you think you don’t have enough time or money! The ability to make sustainable change, as well as time and financial management skills, reside in the higher brain.

Just start paying attention to the voices in your head.  Everyone has voices in their head.  Anyone that tells you they don’t is dead.  My lower brain tends to speak fast and be impatient. It tends to try to convince me of things.  I know when I hear the voice of my lower brain that I am not in the present moment.  When I first returned from India I would hear “blah, blah, blah” whenever my lower brain was rambling on about something all the time.  This is starting to happen again with Higher Brain Living.  When I am tired, ill or stressed the voice of the lower brain is loud.  Early in the morning, after yoga or meditation the voice of my lower brain is usually the most quiet.

Get to know the voice of your lower brain.  It is not going away anytime soon and you still need your lower brain’s fight or flight response if you encounter real danger.  Your lower brain is not your enemy.  It evolved at a time when the environment was predator rich and a human needed a high alert system to stay alive.  For a large percentage of human beings on the planet today, this is not the case. Those of us that have the luxury of having our basic needs met need to evolve from living in this lower survival brain so that we can thrive and innovate by living in our higher brain.  It is only then that we can help and lead those that live in environments that are still very predator rich.  Become an observer of the conversation that is already happening in your head rather than a victim to it.  You will be glad you did.

Consciousness: the Last Competitive Advantage in Global Markets

During my time in India at the Oneness University, I observed that Chinese companies were sending their employees by the hundreds to attend the Oneness Awakening Course.  Many of the buildings on the campus are named after Chinese donors.  I have been told the same phenomenon is occurring in Fairfield, Iowa with the transcendental meditation folks.  Now why would this be happening?  India is a country that has consciousness woven into the fabric of its existence.  India is also experiencing its own industrial revolution.  What would the Chinese be looking to learn from its emerging world power counterpart?

The Oneness University monitors global awakening and consciousness.  The statistics were that the United States lags behind much of the world in awakening.  This probably does not come as much of a shock if you have had the opportunity to travel to many other areas of the world or if you own a television set.

What is holding the United States and much of the Western World back from exploiting this last competitive advantage?  Why are American companies not sending hundreds of employees to raise their consciousness in India or much more practically bringing Higher Brain Living to its employees?  We as a society are extremely stuck in our lower survival brain.  Look at most of old school Corporate America.  Giant bureaucratic jungles where decision-making is impossible.  Inability to make decisions is a hallmark of the lower brain.  Sameness equals safety to the lower brain.  In a competitive global marketplace innovation is the only game in town, not sameness.  Innovation comes from the higher brain, not the lower brain.

Imagine what would be possible if truly innovative companies took raising the consciousness of its employees seriously?  Or, at the very least, make this a priority for its senior management team.  New technologies that have never been thought of would emerge to solve world problems, environmental degradation would cease, profits would soar and employee satisfaction would skyrocket.

Think this is pie in the sky?  Then consider the following Elbert Hubbard quote. “The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.” I would substitute the word disrupted for interrupted, but you get the idea.  It is not too late to exploit this last remaining competitive advantage.  Otherwise, it might be a good idea to start that Mandarin or Hindi lesson your lower brain has been putting off.

Science and Spirituality Collapse

This summer I had a radical shift in consciousness.  Science and Spirituality completely collapsed for me.  After 12 years of believing very firmly that I was on a “spiritual” path, I have come to a place where God and the Evolutionary Impulse are communicating in exactly the same voice to me.

Last summer I went to the Oneness University in Chennai, India for an advanced awakening course for ministers.  I had been wanting to go for a long time, but the normal awakening course there is 28 days.  I have a family that I did not want to be away from for that long.  I did keep holding the intention of going.  The original minister’s course was scheduled for April and I was scheduled to be ordained in June.  It looked like I would not be able to go.  The Universe/God/Evolutionary Impulse (insert name for Big energy here) arranged for the trip to be moved to the end of June and I was ordained at the beginning of June and got to go to India with 54 ministers and spiritual practitioners from the United States.

The whole experience was very surreal, but the actual awakening experience in the Oneness temple was the most mind blowing…literally.  I saw how I was in mind prison as I struggled to free myself.  I often hear songs when I give or receive energy work.  The song that came into my consciousness was by Styx entitled “The Grand Illusion”.  Seriously?  I am in India in a sacred temple and I hear Styx?  I had flashes of the countless hours of Kundalini Yoga I had done.  I heard a voice that said, “who do you think was doing all that yoga?” I collapsed in fits of laughter on the floor.  Laughter that I have never experienced before…the kind that feels like you will break a rib kind.  I also heard “there is no one else home.” Bam.  That will dissolve your sense of self pretty quickly.

Fast forward to last winter.  I slipped and hit my head on the ice during snowmageddon.  This was my first and only traumatic head injury.  This may sound silly, but I never really experienced how important the brain is in perceiving our entire experience of life.  I was very off.  I took every brain supplement that I had and recovered from the concussion very quickly.  I believe this was the Universe foreshadowing my experience this summer, after a full year of integrating my experience in India.

I had no expectations going into my Higher Brain Living training this summer.  I went to a demo of the technique a year earlier and I knew immediately that I wanted to learn it, just as I had experienced with Kundalini Yoga.  I felt a shift in energy into the heart center while watching the demo and I knew that what I was seeing I had never seen before and it was real.  The training turned out to be like India on steroids.

A light touch technique was used to energize my prefrontal cortex.  My body began to move in a wavelike manner as an organic feedback mechanism kicked in in my body.  Years of accumulated stress started dumping from my body.  I went into crazy high states of consciousness.  This blog will document my journey into Higher Brain Living.

Wake Up Now So We Can Turn This Ship Around!

Time is of the essence at this point in our collective human experience.  We need to reach a critical mass or tipping point of those willing to go boldly where no one else has every gone before in terms of consciousness exploration.  Albert Einstein said that “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” This is the path of the warrior.  It is time warriors to fully activate.

The first step in living on the edge of consciousness is to wake up to the “what is.”  The “what is” is the real truth as opposed to the reality created by your mind.  Some people call this process awakening.  Awakening is an actual neuro-biological shift that occurs in the brain.  The center of gravity shifts in the brain from the lower brain to the higher brain.  The brain evolved in layers.  The oldest part of the brain that developed first is the lower brain.  The lower brain has one purpose…to keep you safe. The lower brain developed at a time when the environment was predator rich.  If a sabor tooth tiger is chasing you, it is important to react.  To the lower brain sameness=safety.  The higher brain developed much later, but still has been around in humans for a very long time, mostly lying dormant.  The seat of the higher brain is the prefrontal cortex.  Awakening the higher brain results in being able to take the view from 50,000 feet and literally waking up to a new reality.  Energy needs to get to the higher brain in order for awakening to happen.  There are many different ways that this can occur. Saints, sages, yogis and mystics have been describing awakened states and the awakening process for millenia.

Many of these saints and sages had spontaneous awakenings.  What caused these awakenings no one knows for sure, but in general many of these awakenings happened to great beings that used the awakening to somehow help humanity evolve.  Looking at the state of the planet as it truly is today, it is important to recognize that awakening is not a luxury for the blessed few, but a necessity for the masses. Spontaneous awakenings seem to be fairly rare, so we need to explore other ways to get energy to the higher brain.

Near death experiences seem to do the trick, but this is not a path I recommend.  People that have near death experiences often say their whole life changed after the event.  They seem to know why they are here.

Meditating for 30 years is the slow and steady path.  Each time you meditate you are getting energy to the higher brain and it does accumulate, but the quantity of energy is small, so the time required to practice this path can be around 30 years.  We don’t have 30 years to turn this ship around.  This is by NO means a recommendation to stop meditating.  Every little bit helps and meditation quiets the lower brain so you can hear direction from your higher brain.  It is just not the most efficient path in the world we have created today.

Another option is to go immerse yourself in a humongous morphogenic field in India at the Oneness University in Chennai, India.  The Oneness University in India exists to awaken humanity.  The basic awakening course is 28 days in length.  This is a rapid transformation process, but depending upon the person, it may not be sustainable.  This route seems to work best for those that have an Indian heart such as yogis and other types of experience junkies.  If stepping out of your life for a month is not feasible and you have been trained in Western thinking, you may need another option.  If you are looking for the spiritual x-games this place is for you!

The most rapid and sustainable technology for transformation that I have experienced to date is Higher Brain Living.  Higher Brain Living was created to awaken the masses.  It doesn’t get any easier than this folks.  Especially for us soft Westerners.  You go and lay on a massage table for 22 sessions and a gentle light touch technique is used to cause a surge of energy to your higher brain.  This technology is sustainable because you are taught how to re-energize your higher brain yourself when you feel yourself shifting into your lower brain.  You create a map that helps you get from where you are in your life now to where you want to go.  It is like going to the mall and seeing the big red arrow that says you are here now and following the action steps to get to point B.  Point B is why you are here.  Boldly go to point B!

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