Let’s hope that was attention grabbing.  Trump is actually getting people to wake up from their political slumber and to take notice.  That is a good thing.  Why is he so popular? Most people have no idea what they want.  They do know that they want something different.  And, Trump is different from most politicians.

He is unfiltered and uncensored.  One thing we have to admire about him is that he has mastered not caring about what other people think.  If we listen close to his message we hear a wounded child acting out.  We could react to his message, as is happening all over the planet, but remember, throwing negative energy after negative energy creates MORE NEGATIVE ENERGY.  Just because the negative energy came from someone who is one of the good guys, does not change the fact that it is negative energy.  This adds to the total negative energy on the planet.

How do we stop? Try sending him some love instead.  Stop what you are doing and visualize him and send him some heart energy from your heart.  I double dare you.  Why is his hate worse than our hate?  Hate is hate.  If we want real transformation of hate and inequality in the world, it starts with us practicing this level of self-mastery.  Challenging yes.  Impossible no.

This leads to a philosophy in life that if we employ it in every situation will transform our life and make our life easy and happy.  Ready?  Everyone is doing the absolute best they can given their current state of consciousness/awareness.  Including ourselves.  And, everyone is playing a role that they agreed to play before they came into this incarnation.

Might it be that Trump agreed to play the bad guy in order to help humanity evolve and wake up?  Your mind will not allow you to consider this possibility because the mind has very rigid thought forms that don’t allow for this possibility.  Stretch here.

Might we even be able to find empathy for another human being that is obviously hurting and self-loathing?  Might we see that we are all connected and that human named Trump is mirroring to us the darkest part of humanity that is showing itself for one reason…to be healed.

Most traditional press feeds on negative energy.  Trump feeds on the negative energy as well.  What happens if we don’t give any negative energy?  Any dynamic, whether it be political polarization between Republicans and Democrats or between spouses, can not survive unless it is continually being fed with energy.  If we stop playing our role and giving our power away, there will be a shift.  Let’s hold a vision for what we want to create in the world and take action without getting sucked into the many negative vortexes in the world.

It is time to stop acting like a child ourselves and threatening to runaway to Canada, even if we are half joking.  Fear is expressed when we fight, take flight or freeze (do nothing).  It is time to stand in our power.  The strongest power on the planet is love.





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