Put Your Brain on a Diet

Now is the time to start paying attention to the sheer volume of information our brain is required to process in a day and to consciously put it on a diet.  40,000 plus unread emails in one email account is not uncommon.  Reading and deleting emails and texts can turn into a full-time job.  Information is coming into our nervous system from all sides every second we are awake.

The output from our brain is our life.  Ever heard the saying “you are what you eat?” It seems to be widely accepted that what we put into our body determines the output of our body.  So too with our brain.  We must choose what input we want to allow into our brain because it will determine the quality of your life.  Take an inventory of what information is coming into your brain.  Pay attention to how it makes you feel.  Most likely the answer is overwhelmed.

Take a typical day.  We wake up.  Then the games begin.  Newspapers, TV, email, telephone conversations, texts, books, movies, classes, internet, in-person conversations…..

Now notice how much of this information going into our brain is not positive.  Not positive is defined here as not helping us be a better person, not bringing us joy, not teaching us something we have a desire to learn, not inspiring us, not offering solutions to systemic issues, not relevant to one’s life….therefore, it is just a distraction.

What if we consciously choose what we allow into our brain and therefore our lives? What if we started seeing our lives as being as flexible as play doh and as subject to remolding as our brain?  What if we didn’t need distractions in our life?  What if we stopped escaping our life and started living it?

We all have a certain amount of energy in a day and it is being sucked into distractions.  Why?  One answer:  the relationship we have cultivated with our mind.

As we move faster and become busier, so too does our mind.  The mind-body connection is so strong that we don’t notice how fast the mind is moving until we slow down the body.  We must right our relationship with our mind.  In Yoga it is said that the mind was given to you to be your servant.  In our society today that relationship has become reversed.  We literally do everything that our mind is telling us to do and we aren’t aware that this is happening.  And, the nature of mind is to want more….more information in this case.

The information we are bringing in on a daily basis determines how we use our brain. The mind is the software that runs on the hardware of our brain. Chose information and sources wisely.  Tell the mind that enough is enough.   Put your brain on a diet and free up some disc space for creating the life of your dreams.


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