How Hard Are You on Yourself?

On the path of self-realization any conversation or chance encounter can trigger the opportunity for healing and growth.  Check out and take the assessment on where you are currently in the self-compassion practice.  It becomes clear that self-compassion and self-care are very different.  Self-care is more a broad topic and can include physical, emotional and spiritual care.  Self-compassion can be very subtle, but to sum it up simply, “how hard are you on yourself?”

What does your mind tell you about you when you make a mistake?  Or what does your mind tell you about your flaws or inadequacies?  This is a really important self-inquiry to spend some serious time reflecting on.

This is mind talk that if we listen to will make us feel alone, isolated, judgmental and separate.  The opposite of Self-compassion is Self-criticism. Say we are being hard on ourselves for not writing a blog post in 8 months, just a random example.  We are denying ourself some pleasure or expression that the Soul or Authentic Self wants to experience.  This is not sustainable.

Self-love and Self-compassion are synonyms.  The beautiful thing is when you say no to the mind chatter and you cut yourself a break, you will be more compassionate to others and not hold them to the same standard that your mind wants to hold you to.  A standard that is in no way attainable.  There is an overall softening and melting.  The perspective that Everyone is doing the best they can with their current level of consciousness becomes experienced Truth. This is what the World needs most right now…more love.


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