Gratitude Versus Appreciation And How They Work in Manifestation

I had a conversation with two friends today about gratitude and appreciation.  We discussed how they are very different.  At first, I thought of them as kind of the same but, to be honest, I don’t think I have ever thought about it much.  Upon deeper reflection and discussion, it became clear that gratitude is a feeling and being state, whereas appreciation is more of a doing action step.

So, what comes first in manifestation?  I think being in a state of gratitude cues the manifestation of the thing you are trying to create in your life, and then when you get it, you must express appreciation.

I will apply these principles to a recent manifestation in my life.  So, at the end of April I wrote about the work I am currently doing with the book Tapping Into Wealth.  I am still loving this book by the way.  I have been tapping my brains out.  I know the mind is telling you that a simple little thing can’t possibly work because it is too simple!  The mind likes to make things complex and I can tell you, the things that really work are extremely simple.

I was checking my email and I saw an email from a local children’s theater that I support.  The email said you could buy raffle tickets to support the children’s theater and the prize was an IPAD air.  I was about to hit delete when my intuition said “buy a raffle ticket”.  My mind started saying “why would I buy a raffle ticket?  It’s a waste of time.  I don’t need an IPAD Air.  We already have plenty of electronics around here.”  But, my new rule is to ALWAYS listen to my intuition.  So I bought one raffle ticket as instructed by my intuition.  I then felt gratitude.  Gratitude is a feeling not a thought.

I got an email that I won the IPAD Air.  My first instinct was to donate it back to the Children’s Theater because I have a habit of giving too much.  I am practicing receiving, not giving, I have giving down! I proceeded to receive the IPAD Air.  I then casually tossed it on the table.  Wait, this is a gift from the Universe and I just threw it away and pretended that it did not happen?  I put the IPAD Air on my altar and said “thank you” to the Universe and gave the Universe appreciation.  Gratitude first and then appreciation.

I wonder how many other times the Universe was trying to give me a present and I missed the opportunity? To Infinity and Beyond!



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