What’s Up for the Collective Consciousness Now?

The energy of Awakening is getting stronger and faster.  When I say “fasten your seatbelt,”I mean like “now!” This is an extremely turbulent time if you are not going with the flow.  We as a collective consciousness are literally being forced to grow and evolve.

As a collective consciousness, we have done a tremendous amount of work in the mind/body dimensions, but very little in the relationship/environment dimensions.  Ken Wilbur’s mapping system for consciousness includes our individual experience of consciousness through the mind/body and our collective experience of consciousness through relationships and our environment.  Higher Brain Living uses this mapping system to cause forward momentum in all four of these dimensions.

Look at our culture which is a reflection of the inner work we have done with respect to relationships and environment.  Environment includes our job, our financial situation, our physical location on the planet, our community and much more.  How many couple’s are you witnessing having problems right now?  How many people do you see leaving jobs they have hated for many years?

It is time my peaceful warrior friends to clean up your relationships.  It is time to show up as your Authentic Self in ALL your relationships, not just the ones that you think can handle it.  When you do so, many people will not like this “new” you.  That is when you know you are making progress.  But, it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to ditch the relationship.  The mind says you need to make a decision about whether to keep this person in your life.  No you don’t.  You can allow the flow to either bring them in or take them out in accordance with the highest good for your growth and evolution.  As a collective we must once and for all let go of the fear of not being liked, of being shunned, of being different, of being alone, of being kicked out of the tribe…of dying.

If you show your Authentic Self or Soul or whatever inadequate term you like, others will do the same.  You will be shocked to discover that you are having actual conversations about things you never dreamed of discussing with people you never imagined having these conversations with, including your disfunctional family.  You will feel a real heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul connection. Isn’t this what we are craving?  Why is it so hard to show up as our Authentic Self with family members? Because they are the people you have chosen to grow and evolve with, and in the process, you accumulated a few triggers, resentments and limiting beliefs.

We spend so much time and energy on pleasing people that don’t really matter to us at all in the grand scheme of things and trying to get them to like us, pay attention to us, validate us, meet our needs…the list goes on and on.  But, when we focus our scattered energy, we can see that the people that matter most to us, don’t even know us because we are afraid to show them our Authentic Self.  Why? Because if they knew our Authentic Self, they wouldn’t like us.  And, we don’t know them.  Why?  Because one person has to go first.

The other work that is up for the collective is in our environment dimension.  You can’t grow and evolve if your soul is not happy.  If soul ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!  What is out of alignment for you?  There is no choice now if you want to grow and evolve but to get in alignment quickly with your environment dimension.  Within the environment dimension there is one word and its connected energy that needs to be explored, turned over, reframed, shattered, cleaned up and repeated…that word is “MONEY”.  Notice what happens in your body/mind when you even say the word.

To be able to align your life with your Authentic Self, this is the other big work that is up for the collective to tackle.  It is part of the collective consciousness that we have to work to make money and it is hard and it is not fun.  Work and Play are very different things.  Why?  Because that is the dominant limiting belief in the culture.  How do we change that?  I personally am tapping my brains out.  I recommend the Margaret Lynch book “Tapping Into Wealth” read while in a higher brain state.  I am seeing financial traumas release that I didn’t even know were in there.  We must open to allowing the Universe to have money show up in unexpected ways in our life.  As with anything, we must change our vibration.  The vibration I am going for is wealth consciousness.

Doing work on your relationships and your money situation will give you the most bang for your buck right now.  Aligning yourself with this great energy of Awakening and Transformation that is here right now on the planet is what it is all about right now.  Jettison anything that is keeping you heavy or stuck right now.  You will need to be strong and stealth to make this next quantum leap.  To infinity and beyond!


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