It is Lonely on the Edge

Approximately 1% of the human population is living on the edge of consciousness.  These pioneers are ready to move on to the next iteration of the human species.  It can be really lonely living on the edge.  Few people will have a clue what you are talking about most of the time.  What is that Gandhi quote?  First they laugh at you.  Then they attack you.  Then you win.  It sort of feels like a divorce to me.  In a divorce you don’t just divorce another person, but you also divorce their family and some friends.  You move on to start another life that looks and feels new.  It is similar living on the edge of consciousness only you don’t generally have to divorce your family.  It is imperative that those living on the edge find other humans also living on the edge.  There is strength and comfort in numbers.  So, this also brings up the question, did The One create many because it was lonely? To infinity and beyond!


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