Consciousness: the Last Competitive Advantage in Global Markets

During my time in India at the Oneness University, I observed that Chinese companies were sending their employees by the hundreds to attend the Oneness Awakening Course.  Many of the buildings on the campus are named after Chinese donors.  I have been told the same phenomenon is occurring in Fairfield, Iowa with the transcendental meditation folks.  Now why would this be happening?  India is a country that has consciousness woven into the fabric of its existence.  India is also experiencing its own industrial revolution.  What would the Chinese be looking to learn from its emerging world power counterpart?

The Oneness University monitors global awakening and consciousness.  The statistics were that the United States lags behind much of the world in awakening.  This probably does not come as much of a shock if you have had the opportunity to travel to many other areas of the world or if you own a television set.

What is holding the United States and much of the Western World back from exploiting this last competitive advantage?  Why are American companies not sending hundreds of employees to raise their consciousness in India or much more practically bringing Higher Brain Living to its employees?  We as a society are extremely stuck in our lower survival brain.  Look at most of old school Corporate America.  Giant bureaucratic jungles where decision-making is impossible.  Inability to make decisions is a hallmark of the lower brain.  Sameness equals safety to the lower brain.  In a competitive global marketplace innovation is the only game in town, not sameness.  Innovation comes from the higher brain, not the lower brain.

Imagine what would be possible if truly innovative companies took raising the consciousness of its employees seriously?  Or, at the very least, make this a priority for its senior management team.  New technologies that have never been thought of would emerge to solve world problems, environmental degradation would cease, profits would soar and employee satisfaction would skyrocket.

Think this is pie in the sky?  Then consider the following Elbert Hubbard quote. “The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.” I would substitute the word disrupted for interrupted, but you get the idea.  It is not too late to exploit this last remaining competitive advantage.  Otherwise, it might be a good idea to start that Mandarin or Hindi lesson your lower brain has been putting off.


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