Science and Spirituality Collapse

This summer I had a radical shift in consciousness.  Science and Spirituality completely collapsed for me.  After 12 years of believing very firmly that I was on a “spiritual” path, I have come to a place where God and the Evolutionary Impulse are communicating in exactly the same voice to me.

Last summer I went to the Oneness University in Chennai, India for an advanced awakening course for ministers.  I had been wanting to go for a long time, but the normal awakening course there is 28 days.  I have a family that I did not want to be away from for that long.  I did keep holding the intention of going.  The original minister’s course was scheduled for April and I was scheduled to be ordained in June.  It looked like I would not be able to go.  The Universe/God/Evolutionary Impulse (insert name for Big energy here) arranged for the trip to be moved to the end of June and I was ordained at the beginning of June and got to go to India with 54 ministers and spiritual practitioners from the United States.

The whole experience was very surreal, but the actual awakening experience in the Oneness temple was the most mind blowing…literally.  I saw how I was in mind prison as I struggled to free myself.  I often hear songs when I give or receive energy work.  The song that came into my consciousness was by Styx entitled “The Grand Illusion”.  Seriously?  I am in India in a sacred temple and I hear Styx?  I had flashes of the countless hours of Kundalini Yoga I had done.  I heard a voice that said, “who do you think was doing all that yoga?” I collapsed in fits of laughter on the floor.  Laughter that I have never experienced before…the kind that feels like you will break a rib kind.  I also heard “there is no one else home.” Bam.  That will dissolve your sense of self pretty quickly.

Fast forward to last winter.  I slipped and hit my head on the ice during snowmageddon.  This was my first and only traumatic head injury.  This may sound silly, but I never really experienced how important the brain is in perceiving our entire experience of life.  I was very off.  I took every brain supplement that I had and recovered from the concussion very quickly.  I believe this was the Universe foreshadowing my experience this summer, after a full year of integrating my experience in India.

I had no expectations going into my Higher Brain Living training this summer.  I went to a demo of the technique a year earlier and I knew immediately that I wanted to learn it, just as I had experienced with Kundalini Yoga.  I felt a shift in energy into the heart center while watching the demo and I knew that what I was seeing I had never seen before and it was real.  The training turned out to be like India on steroids.

A light touch technique was used to energize my prefrontal cortex.  My body began to move in a wavelike manner as an organic feedback mechanism kicked in in my body.  Years of accumulated stress started dumping from my body.  I went into crazy high states of consciousness.  This blog will document my journey into Higher Brain Living.


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