Wake Up Now So We Can Turn This Ship Around!

Time is of the essence at this point in our collective human experience.  We need to reach a critical mass or tipping point of those willing to go boldly where no one else has every gone before in terms of consciousness exploration.  Albert Einstein said that “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” This is the path of the warrior.  It is time warriors to fully activate.

The first step in living on the edge of consciousness is to wake up to the “what is.”  The “what is” is the real truth as opposed to the reality created by your mind.  Some people call this process awakening.  Awakening is an actual neuro-biological shift that occurs in the brain.  The center of gravity shifts in the brain from the lower brain to the higher brain.  The brain evolved in layers.  The oldest part of the brain that developed first is the lower brain.  The lower brain has one purpose…to keep you safe. The lower brain developed at a time when the environment was predator rich.  If a sabor tooth tiger is chasing you, it is important to react.  To the lower brain sameness=safety.  The higher brain developed much later, but still has been around in humans for a very long time, mostly lying dormant.  The seat of the higher brain is the prefrontal cortex.  Awakening the higher brain results in being able to take the view from 50,000 feet and literally waking up to a new reality.  Energy needs to get to the higher brain in order for awakening to happen.  There are many different ways that this can occur. Saints, sages, yogis and mystics have been describing awakened states and the awakening process for millenia.

Many of these saints and sages had spontaneous awakenings.  What caused these awakenings no one knows for sure, but in general many of these awakenings happened to great beings that used the awakening to somehow help humanity evolve.  Looking at the state of the planet as it truly is today, it is important to recognize that awakening is not a luxury for the blessed few, but a necessity for the masses. Spontaneous awakenings seem to be fairly rare, so we need to explore other ways to get energy to the higher brain.

Near death experiences seem to do the trick, but this is not a path I recommend.  People that have near death experiences often say their whole life changed after the event.  They seem to know why they are here.

Meditating for 30 years is the slow and steady path.  Each time you meditate you are getting energy to the higher brain and it does accumulate, but the quantity of energy is small, so the time required to practice this path can be around 30 years.  We don’t have 30 years to turn this ship around.  This is by NO means a recommendation to stop meditating.  Every little bit helps and meditation quiets the lower brain so you can hear direction from your higher brain.  It is just not the most efficient path in the world we have created today.

Another option is to go immerse yourself in a humongous morphogenic field in India at the Oneness University in Chennai, India.  The Oneness University in India exists to awaken humanity.  The basic awakening course is 28 days in length.  This is a rapid transformation process, but depending upon the person, it may not be sustainable.  This route seems to work best for those that have an Indian heart such as yogis and other types of experience junkies.  If stepping out of your life for a month is not feasible and you have been trained in Western thinking, you may need another option.  If you are looking for the spiritual x-games this place is for you!

The most rapid and sustainable technology for transformation that I have experienced to date is Higher Brain Living.  Higher Brain Living was created to awaken the masses.  It doesn’t get any easier than this folks.  Especially for us soft Westerners.  You go and lay on a massage table for 22 sessions and a gentle light touch technique is used to cause a surge of energy to your higher brain.  This technology is sustainable because you are taught how to re-energize your higher brain yourself when you feel yourself shifting into your lower brain.  You create a map that helps you get from where you are in your life now to where you want to go.  It is like going to the mall and seeing the big red arrow that says you are here now and following the action steps to get to point B.  Point B is why you are here.  Boldly go to point B!


4 thoughts on “Wake Up Now So We Can Turn This Ship Around!”

  1. How “what is” relates to what has evolved? And to what evolves now? Especially regarding higher brain: Is it or is it evolving? Is it defined as structure or as process? What is the subject of evolution?

    1. Great context. The what is is the result of 13.7 billion years of evolution. The evolutionary impulse pushes us forward as humanity. The higher brain has a structure in the physical body and it is like a computer that runs processes. The brain has evolved in layers and the prefrontal cortex is the latest most evolved part of the brain and yet it holds our hidden potential. It is like a muscle if we don’t energize it, it will atrophy. It has been around for at least 100,000 years in humans. It is like a shiny new Mac you have sitting on your shelf in a closet. Nature has given it to us to use and use it we must.

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